Debian/Ubuntu Packaging

This page contains links to Debian packaging scripts I've created. I don't provide .deb files, so these are only useful if you actually know how to build packages under Debian and derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu).

TrueCrypt Debian Packaging

TrueCrypt provide pre-built debs, but not the packaging used to create them. I like to have the option of building my own packages from source so I've created my own Debian packaging here.

EncSpot Console for Linux

EncSpot was a Windows application that attempted to guess which encoder was used to produce an MP3 file. Although its accuracy may vary, it has other useful features such as displaying a histogram of VBR bitrate distribution and displaying the contents of the LAME header (if present).

GuerillaSoft who developed EncSpot have long since disappeared, though they released the source to the console version of EncSpot under a New BSD license. I've adapted the source from being Windows-only to something that should compile under most *nix-like environments. I've also added scripts for building Debian packages. The updated sources can be found here.