These are various patches I've written that others may find useful.

aoTuV Vorbis

The aoTuV tunings for libvorbis tend to be released as either patches against specific libvorbis releases or more recently as tarballs of the subversion development trunk with modifications. I've attempted to create patches for a number of aoTuV releases against released libvorbis versions here.

Markdown support for PyBlosxom

This trivial plugin uses the actively developed Python-Markdown package to provide a Markdown renderer for PyBlosxom. I much prefer doing this to using the PyMarkdown plugin which uses its own parser that doesn't work nearly as well. To use, drop into the PyBlosxom plugins folder, make sure you have Python-Markdown installed and set the PyBlosxom parser/preformatter to be 'mdtext'. Also, check the list of available extensions to see what Markdown syntax extensions can be enabled (I've only enabled footnotes).

Fixes for for PyBlosxom

This patch fixes tags support in the plugin for PyBlosxom. It does this by replacing the createFolksonomy function. It's slightly difficult to define exactly what was wrong with the original function as the logic is a nightmare, suffice to say, it broke my blog.

Fail2ban support for Dropbear 0.52

These files make it possible to use the Fail2ban auto-ban script with the low-memory Dropbear SSH server. Dropbear's standard output makes it impossible to ban certain attacks and requires two rules to match the other types. This patch for Dropbear adds IP address information to the 'exit before auth' error messages, making it possible to ban all types of attack with a single rule.

To use the patched Dropbear with with Fail2ban, this dropbear.conf must be placed in /etc/fail2ban/filter.d and this configuration fragment must be added to /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf (you probably need to use a different logging path if you're not using Debian/Ubuntu). Obviously, customise the retry count and the ban duration to your preferred values.


IMAP STARTTLS support for RoundCube

This patch provides support for IMAP over TLS via the STARTTLS command for the RoundCube web IMAP client version 0.2.1. It appears that people have been asking for this feature and writing patches for it since 2006. Who knows why the devs are ignoring such an important and easy to implement feature, especially given that they should be knowledgeable about IMAP? Also note that the other patch available in a ticket here is rather broken as it doesn't use tagged IMAP commands, nor re-read capabilities after negotiating TLS. Incorporated into RoundCube 0.2.2.

libsysfs2 symlink handling

This patch fixes the extremely broken symlink handling in libsysfs2 version 2.1.0 which is currently present in Ubuntu Intrepid and Debian testing/unstable (source package sysfsutils). If deprecated sysfs files are disabled (an option in the Linux kernel 2.6.25 and later) this bug will cause pmount to fail to detect removable drives as such. To use, drop the patch into the debian/patches folder of the source package then build as normal. You will also need to tell apt or your apt front-end not to replace the locally built packages with the ones from the repositories. The Debian ticket for this bug seems to have stalled (DBTS #481015). Obsoleted by new libsysfs2 independent rewrite of pmount.