TrueCrypt 7 Debian Packaging

Since around 28/05/2014, the TrueCrypt home page suggests that TrueCrypt is no longer secure and should not be used. In addition, the 7.2 version being distributed no longer possesses the ability to create new TrueCrypt volumes. I've added the TrueCrypt source and signature (from the TrueCrypt Foundation) for version 7.1a to this page for historical purposes. I found a comprehensive mirror of released TrueCrypt files and signatures here and mirrored on GitHub here.

TrueCrypt provides sources and pre-built debs for Ubuntu (which work fine under Debian), but not the Debian packaging itself1. I strongly dislike installing debs for which I can't get the source and build them myself. For this reason, I've made my own Debian packaging. The packaging itself is licensed under the GPLv2. It's really only intended for personal use but others may find it useful as well.

Amongst other things, the packaging includes a script that transforms the output of 'truecrypt --help' to create a troff manual page.

Note that although this packaging of TrueCrypt for Debian-based systems seems to be being actively maintained, it's for version 4.3 of TrueCrypt.

The tar.bz2 only includes the 'debian' folder. You'll need to download the actual TrueCrypt sources from There are a few instructions included, but they assume familiarity with tools like dpkg-buildpackage. If you don't know what that is, you're probably better off installing the Ubuntu deb from If you find these files useful, please send me a message.

TrueCrypt 7.1a Source

TrueCrypt 7.1a Source.tar.gz

TrueCrypt 7.1a Source.tar.gz.sig (TrueCrypt Foundation OpenPGP Signature)

Packaging for TrueCrypt 7.1a (last updated 13/01/2013):




truecrypt_packaging-7.1a-1.tar.bz2.sig (OpenPGP Signature)

Packaging for TrueCrypt 7.1 (last updated 18/12/2011):


truecrypt_packaging-7.1-1.tar.bz2.gpg (Signed tar.bz2)

Packaging for TrueCrypt 7.0a (last updated 18/09/2010):


truecrypt_packaging-7.0a-1.tar.bz2.gpg (Signed tar.bz2)

Packaging for TrueCrypt 7.0 (last updated 25/08/2010):


truecrypt_packaging-7.0-2.tar.bz2.gpg (Signed tar.bz2)

Packaging for TrueCrypt 6.3a (last updated 24/11/2009):


truecrypt_packaging-6.3a-1.tar.bz2.sig (OpenPGP Signature)

  1. As of 20/07/2010, I can no longer find the debs on the webpage.